Timber Pergolas Adelaide

Why timber pergolas Adelaide are worth the spend!

Have you considered the prospects of investing in timber pergolas Adelaide for your outdoor space? Let us fill you in with some of the latest and greatest design concepts to boost your imagination! Firstly, let us address few of the benefits of having the additional outdoor space. Particularly in the midst of the Australian Winter or Summer, having the shelter prompts you to utilise the extra outdoor space. You can use it to escape from the chaos inside, entertain friends, or simply expand the opportunity to engage with family. Here’s a few design ideas that you can implement to give your sheltered patio or terrace a modern edge.

  • In-built fireplace
  • Underfloor LED lights
  • Vertical gardens
  • Outdoor theatre projection system
  • Indonesian style bar or outdoor kitchen.

If you’re starting to dream about the lifestyle prospects of building timber pergolas Adelaide, start with Premium Home Improvements.

Building your pergola with Premium Home Improvements!

Premium Home Improvements guarantee that your timber pergolas Adelaide will be built to the absolute highest of Australian Construction standards. This is backed by our 23 years of experience, consistent high-quality reputation, and our affiliation with Master Builders SA. Pergolas construction is one of the core services that we offer. They are the ideal solution for smaller outdoor spaces for added weather protection. Our team can design and install pergolas to suit all parameters, with spans up to 8 metres. If you’re opting for an attached pergola, we’ll make sure it transitions well from the existing style of your home. We’re partnered with Stratco, who are another South Australian owned and operated company that we trust to provide us with state-of-the-artequipment and materials.Through them, we’re able to add elements like shade cloth, fixed blade systems or polycarbonate sheeting for added sun protection.

Timber Pergolas Adelaide
Timber Pergolas Adelaide
Our interest free financing

While building timber pergolas Adelaide is a worthwhile investment, we completely understand the financial limitations that might prevent you from going ahead with the idea. That’s why we offer interest-free financing! Through this system, you have greater flexibility to go with a design you truly love.Basically, you can choose to settle on a payment plan that spans across 3, 6, 9 or 12 months to suit your budget. During this time customers are required to pay a monthly minimum requirement as you would with a standard credit purchase. Unless you opt for the 12-month option which require a $99 annual card fee, there will be no interest incurred during the promotional period! You can apply for this payment method through our website, or by having a chat with a member of our friendly team. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity with your timber pergolas Adelaide!

If you choose Premium Home Improvements for your timber pergolas Adelaide, you know you’re getting a premium product at an affordable price. Our focus is on making quality accessible for all families, because outdoor living is a big part of Australian culture! Call us on (08) 8268 5144 to arrange your build today.

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