Patio Installation – A Long Term Investment for Your Home

Premium Home Improvements are the industry’s best when it comes to designing and installing first-class Patios Adelaide. Our team of experts make sure that your patio is equipped to protect against all harsh weather conditions. From installing slopes for good water drainage, to compacting each foundation layer—we account for all the details! We can also add layers of geo-fabric in-between the sub-surfaces of your property to prevent the growth of weeds to keep your pergolas Adelaide structurally sound and looking fantastic for years to come. Our experts are the best at compacting your property’s subsoil before laying down the base minerals and materials. Depending on what our client requests, we can also top off the foundation with additional layers of sand. Our intricate process is the main reason we’re considered the best. Just sign a contract with us and we will make sure that your project is finished in record time!

Patios Adelaide

Easy Way to Boost Your Property’s Value

Our patios Adelaide not only increase the look of your home, but they also increase your re-sale value. Patios give homeowners the opportunity to maximise the benefits of their outdoor space by creating comfortable social spaces. Our licensed and professional contractors make sure every aspect of the design fits in with your lifestyle requirements. No matter what sort of setting your want to create, we work collaboratively with you to custom-create a concept! Our process is end-to-end to guarantee that you won’t have to lift a finger. This includes liaising with the council, communicating with the best engineers, ordering resources and materials required to complete the construction and arranging any other requested installations. Our team is known for taking project deadlines very seriously. So, you won’t be waiting years or even months for your completed project! Premium Home Improvements are also careful to preserve the structural integrity of your property.

Go with the Best!

Thanks to our close relationship with Stracto, using a team of local experts like us to install your new patio is the smart decision. We’ve been installed extensions like patios for over 23 years. We’re the leading company in South Australia in providing home improvement solutions because of our dedication to innovation. For all our projects of installing Patios Adelaide, we offer a fifteen-year Structural Guarantee Policy. In addition to that, our client servicing team is always open to providing the best customer guidance at each step. The collaboration between our engineering, planning and customer help team is the reason why we always deliver the perfect results in record time. Our duty is to provide our clients with affordable and high-quality patio installation services that will make you proud of your home’s aesthetic. Choose only the best for your home, choose Premium Home Improvements!

If you are prepared to elevate your outdoor living space, invest in our Patios Adelaide. Give us a call on (08) 8268 5144 to start a free consultation session with Premium Home Improvements.

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